A couple years ago I was at a restaurant where they severed an oatmeal stout with a shot of espresso as part of their brunch menu.  I had to order it and it did not disappoint.  It was the perfect caffeinated pick me up with the smoothness of an oatmeal stout.  A great alternative when not feeling up to the usual mimosa.

I wanted to re-create this at home.  I don’t have an espresso maker and find that unless you have a really good home espresso machine it doesn’t come out as strong as you’d like for this drink.  Since coffee is not carbonated I figure at most 25% of the drink can come from the coffee.  I want as much coffee flavor as possible – the increased coffee flavor is what separates the drink from just buying a coffee stout.  I also want to make sure I’m not watering down the beer.  This means the final ABV must be at least 4%.


For the coffee I determined that cold press concentrate would be the best way to go.  I make my own cold press in a French press.  I like this recipe from The Coffee Compass.  To make concentrate just cut the amount of water in half.  You can also buy cold press concentrate – I get it from Trader Joes.  Using purchased concentrate I found I needed less cold press concentrate (I used 3 oz instead of 4 oz).

To pick a beer I now need something strong enough to mix with the cold press.  If I want the final product to be 4% ABV the beer must be at least 5.3%.  That’s pretty much all stouts which is nice.  My favorite oatmeal stout is Tall Grass’s Buffalo Sweat which is what I used to make this drink.  I also think you could use a milk stout for a sweeter drink or an imperial stout for more kick.


Beer Cocktail: Cold Press + Stout

4 oz cold press coffee concentrate (3 oz if using purchased concentrate)
12 oz stout (at least 5.3% ABV)

Pour the cold press coffee concentrate into a pint glass.  Top off with stout.  By pouring the cold press first the drink will naturally mix and prevent the need to stir which would reduce carbonation.


Additional Reading:

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Coldpress Stout Beer Cocktail

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