Spring has really come early in Minnesota and as a result I’m diving fully into what I would consider my “summer” beers.  This month I have been loving on Sierra Nevada’s Tropical IPA.  The Tropical IPA is part of Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp series.  This means Sierra Nevada invites beer fans to come to their brewery and create collaborate beers throughout the year.  In the spring they select one of those beers and release it to the public.  Pretty Cool?  I’ve had previous years releases and they’ve never disappointed for me.


Stats | ABV: 6.7% | IBU: 55

Sierra Nevada isn’t very popular in bars around the Twin Cities so I’m not exposed to a lot of their one of beers.  I’ve always loved their IPAs thought (love their IPA sampler 12 pack) so when I saw this beer at Target (yes my Target has a liquor store) I ventured in to get a 6 pack.  They described the beer as fruit forward; even using tropical fruits such as mango and papaya to describe the flavor.  With the snow finally melting here and it getting warm enough to really be outside this sounded perfect.

Typical Sierra Nevada this beer did not disappoint.  Everything they described was true.  The flavor of the Citra, Mosaic and El Dorado hops give the beer a strong citrus flavor.  I’d use grape fruit to describe it.  Its backed by a traditional IPA malt profile which keeps the beer from being too bitter; but make no mistake this is a hoppy beer for people who like hops.  The other thing I loved about this beer was the color.  I’m not sure pictures will capture this, but this beer a beautiful golden color with a white head.  I want to say it almost looks like its glowing in a pint glass but I’m afraid that might over sell it a little.


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