When I first started home brewing I remember hearing all the time about how home brewing is a hobby that anyone can get into; how I could make great beer from my kitchen with just a simple starter kit.  After my first few batches I realized that I could brew drinkable beer, but for my beer to really turn out great it was going to take a bit more equipment but also a greater discipline to the process.

After three homebrew batches I moved to all grain brewing and everything got that much more complex. I started reading blogs and trying to incorporate different techniques and checks on my brew quality.  Different points of testing gravity and PH.  I don’t think I was ever making it through a full brewing session without missing something.  Since brewing is about consistency in process I knew I had to do something.  Thus was born the Brewing Process Checklist.

I’ve included both a PDF and a MS Word copy of the checklist below to download.  The MS Word version is so you can take this document and customize it to your own brewing process.  I’ll keep this checklist updated periodically as my brewing process is always changing as I learn better controls around quality and consistency.

Note: I use BeerSmith software for recipe management.  As a result my brewing process checklist is kept general enough to any recipe.  I’ll use both the checklist and the recipe to manage my brewing session.


Brewing_SOP (MS Word)

Brewing_SOP (PDF)

Statement of Procedure Checklist

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