Well I’m finally getting around to writing my “blog introduction” entry.  I’ve written this entry several times in the past.  The idea of being a writer; having some platform to express my thoughts and ideas has always appealed to me.  At one point it was the idea of some day writing a novel.  When I first heard of blogging it was many years ago in the early days of the internet.  It was described as journaling online where everyone could read what you wrote.  Since I hated journaling this seemed like such an odd idea to me.  In the last three years though I’ve started really reading a lot of different blogs.  When it comes to my professional life, my hobbies or any area where I’m seeking to learn something new I almost always find blogs an invaluable resource.

This blog is my attempt to give something back to the wide world of the internet which has provided so much to me.  I’ve struggled for a long time on picking a theme for my blog.  I’ve always known that if I’m going to write something it will have to be in my own voice and something I have some passion behind.  Its just too hard for me any other way.  Since I moved back to Minnesota in 2009 I started home brewing; a hobby which I’ve really enjoyed but have been very off and on.  I thought this would be a great topic.  I’ve read some really great homebrew blogs out there and I thought why not join in on the conversation?  Why not share my journey of struggling my way to learning a new hobby?  Well – Minnesota is really cold and I’m way too much of a baby to brew all year long.

So…here is my beer blog; This blog is everything that is beer and everything that is uniquely me.  I selected the slogan “Beer. Food. Life. Math?” because I think this captures what I’ll be going for.  Brewing beer is one aspect – but I want to make sure I cover everything that surrounds it.  After all I enjoy more than brewing beer.  I enjoy learning about different kinds of beer; I enjoy the events; the culture.  I want to talk about food and beer parings, beer cocktails, using spent grain to cook with.  I also want to cover home brewing QA/QC processes, how I use math and statistics to make my beer better, the newest technology I use, and my awesome brew dog named Tilly who helped me with the first batch I brewed at my new house this summer.

I’m sure I’ll find a succinct voice in the future, but I think finding that voice is part of the journey for this blog.  Welcome to BeerByNumber.com – glad to have you here.


Matt WO

Welcome to BeerByNumber.com

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