Welcome to my first “Beer of the Month” post.  While I was brainstorming blog post ideas for the winter months when I’m not brewing I came up with the idea to post a real short article featuring a beer that I’ve really enjoyed each month.  I’m not a fan of overly repetitive fluff so I’m only going to do this for 2016.  At the end of the year I’ll pick my favorite beer of the year from this list (and then come up with some new gimmick for 2017).


Stats | ABV: 5.2% | IBU: 25 | SRM: 14 (Nice golden orange color)

I’ve been a fan of Flat Earth brewery for quite awhile.  When I first moved back to Minnesota the small craft brewery explosion was just starting.  Flat Earth was one of these first breweries.  It was actually the first brewery I toured in Minnesota.  I had never heard of the brewery before but someone I knew at the time set up the tour and I came with.  I liked the beer and this Belgian-Style Pale Ale was my second favorite of their beers (their porter is in my top 3 porters ever).  The hard part about the small breweries was that you could only get their beer in growlers and you had to get those filled at the brewery.  So you rarely drank their beer at home.  Fast forward five years later and Flat Earth has moved to a new location and procured a canning line.  I toured their brewery about 5 months back when I discovered they were canning beers but I kept forgetting to look for it at the liquor store.  Well February was my month – I finally grabbed my first four pack of Flat Earth Belgian-Style Pale Ale.

I hate the term “session ale” for beers over 4% ABV because I’m a purist to the BJCP definitions but the Belgian-Style Pale Ale is the type of beer you can have a few of.  Its well balanced, not too heavy, not too light, nice malty backbone without feeling syrupy in your mouth.  What takes the beer to the next level is the Belgian yeast which adds fruity flavors to the beer truly making it great in my mind.  Normally a beer like this I’d save for the summer months but I’ve enjoyed it this winter in the same way I love winter white beers.  Something on the lighter side to remind me it won’t be winter forever.


Additional Reading:
Flat Earth Beers: http://flatearthbrewing.com/beer.php

Beer of the Month: Belgian-Style Pale Ale by Flat Earth Brewing

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